Saminvest Ltd is a company specialized in the agricultural produce trade and manufacturing.

   The Company management offices and primary processing facilities  are located in the town of Dulovo, near our crop fields, amounting to 10 000 hectares altogether where we grow  wheat, barley, corn (maize), peas, vetch, sunflower (pinto and black), pumpkin seeds, sorghum, millet, canola and other types of crops.

    Our nine thousand square meters covered area for the processing and storage of our agricultural produce are tooled up with high-capacity automated and computerized cleaning line.
    Becoming aware of the need of quality and cheap food for pigeons on the market, at the end of the year 2014 we initiated the production of  the ATMUS brand pigeon feeds.

    By means of the use of the latest generation seven, three and single channel seed colour photo-sorting machines we can provide a high quality processing, cleaning and calibration of up to 100 tons of seed  daily.
    The vast majority of the offered seeds are grown and yielded on our own fields. We are offering different types of pigeons food - according to the breed and seasonal needs of our feathered pets.